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Frequent Updates

Infinite Yield features developers who are committed to actively updating and implementing new features into Infinite Yield whenever possible. 

Exploit Compatibility

Infinite Yield works with every exploit such as KRNL, JJsploit, Synapse X, Script-Ware and other such exploits.


Infinite Yield features a customization panel in the script to ensure that the users can fully customize the colors and the way of how Infinite Yield looks.

What is Infinite Yield?

Infinite Yield is a Roblox Admin script with many advanced commands to exploit Roblox game. Infinite Yield gives you the ultimate control over your gameplay and the ability to climb the ranks. But it’s not just a script.

The best thing about Infinite Yield script is that it can be easily customized to your liking. Using this script, there will be no limitations on how many items you can gathered through Infinite Yield script.

Infinite Yield Script let you gather collectible items easily and fast. You can also stop your script when a condition is met, this way you have rooms for new items without cluttering your inventory.

The Infinite Yield script is very useful in Roblox games. The script allows you to easily customize your panels and exploits. It’s convenient for beginners because it makes it much easier for you to collect collectible items. You can customize the panel with your own colors, and even customize the display colors. This script will keep you ahead of the game and help you to progress faster. Infinite Yield also offers customization options to the display of exploits.

Copy Infinite Yield Script

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“One of the best admin script”


“Nothing can beat Infinite Yield ;)”


“Always love to use Infinite Yield Script”



Q: How do I use Infinite Yield?
A: Using IY:

  • Inject your exploit into a game
  • Copy the loadstring or pastebin from the button given below
  • Run the script and wait for it to load
  • Hover over the Infinite Yield GUI in the bottom right of your screen

Q: How do I add plugins?
A: Procedure to add a plugin:

  • Download a .iy plugin file
  • Drag the file into the ‘workspace’ folder located inside the same folder as your exploit
  • Run IY and go to Settings>Plugins>Add
  • Type the name of the plugin file and click ‘Add Plugin’

Q: Why does IY freeze when I run it?
A: There are usually only 2 causes of this problem:

  • Your exploit does not support IY: if this is the case then use a different exploit.
  • The save file has been corrupted: you can clear the save file by going into the ‘workspace’ folder of your exploit and deleting ‘IY_FE.iy’

Q: What if I find something that is broken or not working correctly?
A: If its something minor, send a detailed description of the problem in suggestions. If it is something major, send me a DM.

Q: What executor can I use to get the best experience from IY?
A: Synapse X or Script-Ware V2

Q: Will IY ever support platforms other than desktop?
A: We will never add support for mobile or fix issues for mobile. Using IY and other scripts on mobile is the most pointless thing ever. Please stop being lazy and get off your bed/couch and use a desktop executor rather than a phone one. If you are outside, please enjoy your time outside and away from scripting until you are home, rather than trying to do it on your mobile device. Don’t assume scripters will be motivated to support mobile for their scripts just because new executors do.